The Different Styles of Diamond Cut Available at TJF Jewellers

The Different Styles of Diamond Cut Available at TJF Jewellers


Diamonds come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Diamond cut simply means the proportions and finish of how a rough diamond is polished and also the shape of its outline.

Here is a clip on the before and after of rough diamonds to cut diamonds:

With so many to choose from within the market, it can be difficult to choose a diamond cut that is right for you. If you are looking for an engagement ring then here are the different styles of diamond cut available at TJF jewellers.


The round brilliant cut has been the most popular style of diamond cut since the start of the twentieth century. Fashion trends do come and go, even within the jewellery market, however, this style of engagement ring never seems to go out of style. The round cut is popular as the structure of the cut makes the diamond appear more sparkly and can also compliment the shape of hands and fingers.


The second most popular diamond cut is the princess cut. It is has a squarish appearance and has a level of brilliance which can be compared with the round cut. The princess diamond cut is not only popular due to its shape but also due to the fact that buyers get the lowest price per carat from each diamond. This is because the cutting and polishing process has the least wastage out of all the types of diamond cuts available.


The emerald diamond cut is another popular diamond cut within the market. Unlike the round and princess cut which have both been cut in a way which utilises their signature sparkle, the emerald cut has a has a half mirror effect. This is one of the most distinctive diamond cuts available, perfect for those who want an engagement ring which is a little different from the norm with an overall vintage style.


Oval diamonds are the last of the most popular cuts and have gained more interest in recent years. Their stylish, elongated look have a slimming effect, making the wearer’s fingers look long and slim.


The pear diamond cut is a popular choice for pendants and drop earrings, however, they are often seen on engagement rings. They are also known as the teardrop diamond cut, this type of diamond cut is well suited to those that are looking for an engagement ring that is a little different from the more popular diamond cuts. Infamously, Elizabeth Taylor was given a pear-shaped diamond ring by two-time husband Richard Burton.


The asscher diamond cut is a step cut with cropped corners which shows of beautiful facet patterns, a similar cut style to the emerald diamond cut. This diamond cut is not one of the most common cuts, however, it is a style that will catch the eye.


The marquise diamond cut is for the bold as the style of this diamond is suited to those that like to make a fashion statement. This type of diamond cut is shaped like an American football and projects an aura of sophistication and elegance. The particular diamond cut has a history to it, originally commissioned by King Louis XV in the 18th century Paris to emulate the smile of his mistress.


The cushion diamond cut is a beautiful combination of a round cut and square cut, which gives the appearance of a pillow shape with soft corners. The curvy style of this diamond cut is feminine and sophisticated, perfect for those that want a ring that is unique.


The heart diamond cut is one of the most easily recognised and is also a true symbol of love. As this style of cut is extremely intricate, finding heart diamonds that are well cut are actually quite difficult. This type of cut is perfect for an engagement ring, especially if you are planning to pop the question on Valentine’s Day.


The final style of diamond cut available at TJF Jewellers is a radiant cut which is a hybrid design. It features a rectangular outline with trimmed corners. The centre of the stone radiates light toward the edges which makes this style of diamond cut catch the eye.

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