Engagement Rings

Throughout all of history the engagement ring has been a symbol of the ultimate commitment of love and fidelity. It is a time honored tradition and the diamond, with its beauty and durability, is the stone most often chosen to be the centerpiece of any engagement ring

The engagement is traditionally worn on the third finger on the left hand, this dates all the way back to ancient Rome where jewellery was seen as not just symbolism but an integral part of everyday life. The married wife wore her engagement ring as a sign of her marital status. 

Diamonds themselves have only become popular over the last 150 years but are often seen as a true symbol of love.

We make our own engagement rings and therefore can be designed to your liking. They can come in a range of metals including 9 or 18 carat, white or yellow gold, and Platinum. We can source the perfect stone for your ring, be it the traditional diamond or a favourite gemstone or birthstone.  

In choosing the right diamond we always like to talk our customers through what makes the perfect stone for them, and this begins with the famous 4Cs.

The 4Cs – Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat


The Clarity scale of any diamond tells you how clear the diamond is. Virtually all diamonds will have a flaw of some kind, these flaws are called inclusions and they are often tiny black marks under the surface of the stone. The fewer inclusions any stone has the higher ‘Clarity’ the diamond has. Some inclusions can be bigger than others and each diamond is unique.


The colour scale of Diamonds is actually a lack of colour scale. The highest grade diamonds are those deemed colourless. The scale goes from ‘D’, which is completely colourless, through to ‘G’ which is ‘rare white.’ The scale goes all the way to ‘Z’ but these will be coloured diamonds. The majority of stones that we sell are graded ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’.


Each diamond will have been cut, or shaped, to maximise how well that individual diamond’s facets interact with light. Diamonds can be cut into various styles (round, heart, oval, marquise, pear) but the actual ‘cut’ of the stone is how well the stone has been fashioned so thats its proportions, symmetry and polish best deliver the mesmerising return of light that is only possible in a diamond. 


The Carat of a diamond determines exactly how much the diamond ways. Wehave a wide variety of diamond sizes in our shop to suit all budgets ranging from 0.25 to 6.25

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy Yellow Diamonds have been considered the epitome of modern style since the late Duchess of Windsor made them iconic in the 1950s. The colour on the diamond is a natural phenomenon, created at the formation of the stone millions of years ago. Fancy yellow diamonds occur in a range of shades and here at The Jones Family Jewellers we specialise in the most desirable, fancy intense and fancy vivid which are alive with a deep radiating yellow and golden tone. 

Even if we don’t have the right diamond for you in our shop we can find you exactly the one you want. All our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free.

Wedding Bangs

Discover the charm of elegance with our extensive collection of wedding bands, ranging from
timeless silver to luxurious gold and platinum. Elevate your special day with personalised touches by
opting for our expert engraving services, adding a unique and heartfelt dimension to your rings.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to crafting bespoke bands tailored specifically to your preferences and desires. Our skilled goldsmiths will work closely with you and your partner to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your rings are not only a symbol of your love but also a reflection of your individual style.

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